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Exhibit #1: The Les Jones Collection of Postcard Scans

In 2006, Mr. Les Jones, a collector of photographica, attended an estate auction which included a large number of real photo postcards and a collection of photocopies (prints made from "scans") of postcards. When the paper scans were compared with the photographs owned by the Lennox and Addington Historical Society, it was found that roughly 60 of the pictures were not represented in the collection. Original postcards are rich sources of evidence about historical views. The printing technique, card stock, publisher, photographer, postmark, postage stamp address and any message are all useful to the photograph archivist. Scans which come without access to the original are limited sources of historical evidence. Moreover, most paper prints made from scans are not good sources for reproduction, as detail deteriorates when they are copied a second time to produce images for sharing. Despite these drawbacks, the collection is presented here for you to enjoy as most will be difficult to find elsewhere. The kindness of Les Jones, and The Bookstore Cafe, Camden East, in sharing this collection, is much appreciated.

The Lennox and Addington Historical Society does not own originals of these images. We cannot provide reproductions suitable for publication. These pictures are provided for research, education and entertainment only.

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