(c) The Lennox and Addington Historical Society, 2010

Lennox and Addington Veterans of World War Two (Draft, A-L only)

The Millennium Project

In 1993, the Lennox and Addington Historical Society decided to document veterans who had served in the Second World War. A prime-mover was the President of the Society, Norman Bell. A committee was formed, chaired by Wes Alkenbrack with the assistance of Howard O’Connor, Wally Noble and Frank Streek. They began by gathering names from war memorials, from newspapers and by word of mouth. Frank Streek developed a questionnaire and began the process of tracking down veterans or their families.

The work proved challenging. Many veterans had moved away and even lively newspaper stories with photographs brought only a modest response. After several years of hard work, the committee disbanded and the files and photographs were added to the Society collections at the Lennox and Addington County Museum and Archives.

In 1999, the Society under President, Larry Morris, re-started the project. The new committee consisted of veterans Catherine Michalski, and Howard O’Connor and also included Paul Gilmore, Barbara Weese, Brandt Zätterberg and archivist, Jennifer Bunting. Using a bequest from Lepha Woods of Napanee, Stephen Fochuk was hired to create a publication similar to that produced by the Society for World War One. The Society also acknowledges financial support from the Government of Canada through Millennium Funding Partners.

There were still significant obstacles to overcome. It was found that many names on the list of veterans had been misspelled, making research in new sources difficult. There were numerous duplications on the list, and many L&A sons and daughters were missing, probably because their families were not living in the county in the 1940's and 1950's. Also, many veterans who had moved to the county following the war had been excluded. It was decided, after much debate, to broaden the project to include persons not on the original list, but who over the years had become “Lennox and Addingtonians”. It was also decided to include those who served in the Korean War.

The following list of names is the result of the Society’s Millennium Project. Square brackets [ ] indicate that the information could not be confirmed.

Abrams, Frank

Ackerman, Arthur Hepburn, 1919-

Ackles, Norman Thorald, 1917-

Adair, Alex, 1923-

Airhart, G.K.

Airhart, Wilbert Russell, killed 14 August, 1944

Akey, Gerald

Akey, Harold E., 1920-

Akey, Harold Ross, 1917-1987

Alexander, Kenneth S., 1917-

Alkenbrack, Albert

Alkenbrack, George, 1920-

Alkenbrack, Harold

Alkenbrack, Herbert

Alkenbrack, Ibri

Alkenbrack, Josephine - see Glen, Josephine

Alkenbrack, Wesley M., 1918-

Alkenbrack, William

Allaire, Francis

Allen, Albert, 1922-

Allen, Donald George, 1920-

Allen, Floyd

Allen, George

Allen, J.C.

Allen, R.A. [Robert?]

Allen, William Gordon, 1923-

Allin, Arthur

Allison, Dalton

Allison, Harold Alwyn Forester, 1915-1995

Allison, Marion Elizabeth - see Cunningham

Allison, Percy W.

Allore, Bernard J.

Allore, Stanley

Amey, Dorothy M. (née Richardson), 1907-

Amey, Douglas, 1919-

Amey, Keith

Anderson, Roy H.

Anderson, Roy M., MD, 1894-1963

Anderson, William Joseph

Anderson, W.T.

Andrew, F.J.

Andrew, William

Anger, Douglas

Anger, Roy

Arkley, R.C.

Armitage, Frank H., 1917-

Armstrong, Harold Druce, born 1920. Killed in action 25 October, 1944.

Armstrong, Herbert, 1925-

Armstrong, Howard LeRoy, 1896-1969

Armstrong, Ralph Edward, 1923-

Arney, Kenneth Mervin, 1917-1955/6?

Arney, Lorne Oscar, 1920-1965

Arnold, Sherman G.

Ashton, Gerald

Asselstine, Cecil James

Asselstine, Luella

Atcher, ?

Asten, K.

Atkinson, George Eaton. Died of wounds 4 August, 1943. Military Cross.

Austin, Arthur Charles, 1916-

Austin, Howard

Austin, Lewis

Aylsworth, Alan Bowen, 1923-

Ayre, Joyce Evelyn

Ayre, Leslie A.

Babcock, E.E.

Babcock, Gordon, [1908?]-1964

Babcock, Harold LeRoy, 1896-1980

Babcock, Walter Reginald

Babcock, William E., 1915-

Badour, William John Henry, 1920-

Badour, Willis James, 1903-

Bagnall, Joseph A.

Bailey, Walter H.

Baker, Cecil, 1914-

Baker, Earl Frederick, 1912-

Baker, Edward

Baker, Ford Wilson, 1916-

Baker, John Robert, 1910-

Baker, John Lilburn

Baker, Stanley J., 1921-

Baker, Stewart Ronald, 1908-

Baker, William John “Bill”, 1922-1969

Baker, W.S.

Baldree, Edward John, 1925-1977

Balfour, George Lindsay, [born 1908?]

Ball, “Bud”

Ball, Jules A.

Ballance, Donald Jack, 1922- 1969

Ballantyne, Robert Aubrey, 1909-1977

Ballard, Frederick H.

Barham, George Henry, [born 1915?]

Barker, Alwilda

Barker, Elwin Almond Opie, 1903-

Barker, Joseph Clark, 1923-1966

Barker, Lloyd A., 1918-

Barnhardt, C.

Barr, Donald, 1919-

Barr, Lloyd

Barrager, Dorland Harold, died 1970

Barrager, Ivan

Barrett, Bertram Arthur, 1898-1981

Barrett, Clifford Charles, 1918-

Barrett, Gerald Richard, 1930-

Barrett, Margaret Eileen, 1923-1981

Bawn, Glenn Herbert, 1924-

Bawn, Harold Seymour, died 2000

Baxter, George William, 1913-2000

Beacher, William T.

Beattie, Archie

Beattie, Robert Moor, 1920-

Beattie, William J. “Bob”, 1919-

Beaubien, William J., 1921-

Bebeau, Raymond, 1913-

Bechel, John Driver

Beck, William E. [William Edward], 1920-

Beckwith, Ashell Malcolm Fraser, died 1989

Beckwith, Donald E., 1920-

Bedard, Clifford J.A., 1923-

Bedbrook, Robert, 1920-

Bedore, Gerald L., born 1922. Killed 23 January, 1945.

Beecher, William Thomas, 1921-

Bell, B. Gordon

Bell, Clarke Elwell Warner, 1919-

Bell, Frances Elizabeth (née Madden)

Bell, Howard Selwyn, 1919-

Bell, John

Bell, Omar Fraser

Bell, Ralph Fraser, [1915]-1983

Bender, Adrian

Benin, G.W.

Benn, Charles Ernest, 1920-

Benn, Clair Ross

Benn, Raymond Harry, 1918-

Benn, Orville B.

Benn, Ward H.

Bennett, Andrew

Bennett, Reginald

Bentley, Edward A.

Bentley, William A.

Bernell, George. Killed 10 Jan. 1945

Bevens, Ben

Bisdee, Howard Lawrence, 1924-

Bisdee, Robert LeRoy, 1926-

Bishop, Lloyd George. Died in air accident 12 March 1940.

Black, Donald, 1921-

Black, Grant Clinton, 1923-

Black, John Henry, 1913-

Black, John S., died 1965

Black, Robert John, 1922-

Blakely, Walter Douglas, 1923-

Bloom, Gerald

Bloom, Reginald

Blute, Richard A.

Booth, Harry D.

Boose, William

Bosley, Demos

Bosley, Joseph Edgar, 1920-

Boston, Leslie Neal, 1916-1957

Both, George

Both, Karl J., 1922-

Both, Samuel, 1898-

Bouchard, Douglas

Bouchard, Joseph E.

Boulton, Victor

Bowen, Floyd

Bowen, Laura Emma

Bowerman, Clarence

Boyes, Jason Lester Jr., 1910-

Boyle, William Henry, [1915?]-

Brady, Eugene M.

Brady, Francis, 1923-

Brant, Russell E.

Breeze, Claire

Breeze, Edith

Brennen, Hugh, 1914-

Brenton, William Murney, 1907-

Brooks, Arnold Cameron, 1925-

Brooks, Charles Henry, 1925-

Brooks, Kenneth

Brooks, Norman Sr.

Brooks, Norman E. [or A.], 1921-

Brooks, Walter Overton, 1922-

Brown, Albert C., 1913-1971

Brown, Edward

Brown, Francis Cameron, 1923-

Brown, Graham

Brown, Russell

Brown, Stewart

Brown, William J., 1913-

Brushy, Russell

Bryden, Glen

Bryden, John

Bryson, Harriet Hall, née Madden

Buchanan, J.N.

Buchanan, William James Jr., born 1922. Died of wounds 7 June, 1944.

Buck, Leonard

Buckner, Edward A., 1932-

Bulch, William Joseph, 1920-

Burleigh, Herbert Clarence, M.D., 1893-1980

Burley, Alfred

Burley, David James, 1919-

Burley, Edward

Burley, Garnet

Burley, Harold, 1922-

Burley, H.P.

Burley, Lloyd, 1921-

Burley, Norman Edgar

Burrard, Walter

Bush, Frederick Wellington, 1907-

Butcher, Clarence Charles, 1919-

Butcher, Gordon Henry, 1926-1976

Butcher, Herbert Harold, 1915-

Butcher, William John, 1924-

Bygott, Charles H.

Bygott, Wayne

Cadwell, J.R.

Caird, Harold Francis, 1918-

Caird, Penrose Raymond, 1909-

Cairns, John Charles, 1906-

Caldwell, Donald Forest, 1913-1945. Killed in action.

Caldwell, Margaret Isobel, née Joyce – see Forsey

Calver, Borden Allen

Calver, Harold W.

Calver, Sheldon J.

Calvert, William Alexander, 1904-

Campbell, Donald Ford, 1910-

Campbell, Gordon Vincent, 1913-

Campbell, Kelvin Kenneth, 1922-

Campbell, Raymond

Card, Henry Clifford, 1920-

Card, Harold Almonte Raymond, 1919-1982

Card, James Christopher, 1918-

Card, Joseph

Card, Lorne Stanley, 1918-

Card, Montgomery “Monty”

Card, Randall Robert Thomas, 1912-

Card, William Lloyd, 1924-

Carlin, Katherine E., née Weese

Carter, Earl Frederick “Frank”

Cassan, Fred W.

Caswell, Clive Browning

Cattermole, William Sydney, 1919-1952

Chadwick, Amos, 1917-2000

Chadwick, Donald Nelson, 1924-

Chadwick, James Kenneth, 1920-

Chalk, James Ernest, 1917-

Champagne, Kenneth

Champagne, Joseph

Chapman, Frederick Harold, 1912-1968

Chapman, John W. “Jack”, 1921-2000

Charlton, Bill

Charlton, Lawrence

Chidley, Isobel, 1915-

Clair, Vincent E., 1917-

Claricoates, Ronald

Clark, Alexander “Scotty”

Clark, Arnold

Clark, Carl, 1922-1994

Clark, Glenn A.F.

Clark, James A., died 1995.

Clark, Kenneth

Clark, Margaret – see Rivers

Clark, Robert L.

Clark, Roy Hubert, 1925-

Clark, Alfred Franklin, 1917-

Clark, B.

Clarke, Harold F.

Clarke, James A.

Clarke, [James] Leslie,[1922?]-1997

Clarke, Leonard Albert, 1913-

Clayton, F.

Clifford, J.A.

Close, George, 1915-

Clyde, William James, killed in action, 1944.

Coakwell, Jack Donald, 1919-1998

Coathup, Philip Thomas, 1917-1972

Coaty, W.J.

Coburn, Norman Lewis Bertram, 1898-1990

Cochram, A.J.

Cochrane, John Harvey, 1914-1976

Colby, C.W.

Cole, D.R.

Coleman, Reginald Charles

Collins, William Arthur, 1918-1994

Collins, J.J.

Compton, Murray Frederick, 1919-1997

Conger, Charles Edward “Chuck”, 1923-1991

Conger, Charles Garnet “Charlie”, 1886-1971

Conger, Elizabeth M.

Conger, Ralph Allen, 1922-1977

Conger, Roy Marvin, killed in action 1944.

Connolly, Stewart or Stuart

Conway, Fred W.

Conway, George R.

Cooke, George Thomas, 1920-1968

Cook[e], Jack P., 1916-

Coons, Herbert Lindsay, 1918-

Coons, Lorne Gilbert, 1920-

Coons, Willis Wilie “Billy”, 1921-1943. Died overseas.

Cooper, Clarence

Cooper, Leslie, 1926-

Corey, Edward A.

Corey, Oakland Samuel

Coulter, Robert William, 1923-

Coulter, Wesley or Wellesly

Courneya, Clovis Joseph “Toby”, 1923-2000

Courneya, Dominic

Courneya, Edward James “Ted”, 1915-

Courneya, Orval, 1924-

Courneyea, Wilfred J.

Cousins, Sidney R.

Coventry, Harry

Cowlishaw, John F., 1924-

Coyle, John

Cox, Harold Beatty, 1916-

Cox, Kenneth B., 1916-

Craven, Ron Eric, 1920-

Crawford, Clifford Glenen Falconer, 1919-

Cronin, William G.

Crossman, M. Lynn “Pops”, 1900-1983

Cronk, John Edward, 1916-1965

Cuff, Wilma

Culbertson, George Jr., died 1966

Cunningham, Elizabeth A., née Allison

Cunningham, Thomas J.

Cunningham, Stanley

Curran, Robert Francis, 1922-1986

Curry, Authmire “Buzz”

Curry, Gordon R.

Curtiss, Donald

Dafoe, John Reuben “Jack”, 1922-

Dafoe, Russell David, 1916- , killed in action

Dafoe, Raymond Albert, 1915-

Dale, Ralph, 1920-

Daly, William Dugald

Dalzell, Robert Gordon, 1921-

Daniels, John

Daverne, Cummings, 1906-1997

Daverne, Gerald Lorne Allan, 1904-

Davey, Elizabeth

Davidson, Douglas Walter, 1917-

Davidson, Annie Edna – see Hearns

David, Allen Bruce, 1920-

Davis, Gordon William, 1920-1993

Davis, G.W.

Davis, John G.

Davis, Vernon F., killed in action 1943

Davison, Earl Joseph Lorence, 1922-

Davison, Ralph D.

Davison, Robert James Frederick “Bob”, 1919-1987

Davy, M.B.E., died 1945

Dawson, Reginald [Clancy], 1910-

Delve, Samuel Alexander, Richard, died 1989

DeLeuery, Robert

Dempsey, Walter S.

Denison, Floyd Elmer

Deroche, Charlie J.

Deshane, Carman Wilbert, 1921-

Deshane, Joseph, 1907-

Detlor, Perry Byard, 1913-1941

Dibb, Margaret E., 1922-

Dickerson, William “Dick”

Dillenbeck, Luella, 1915-

Dion, Joseph Cecil, 1917-1985

Dixon, Robert G.

Dowdle, Harvey Graham, 1919-2000

Dowling, Michael “Mickey”

Doyle, Gerard James

Doyle, Harry L..

Doyle, Martin P.

Draper, Harry

Drew, Alex

Drinka, Ceprian, 1921-

Driscoll, Harland

Drumgoole, John P.

Dudgeon, Audrey S. – see Peters

Duff, John Shipley, died 1976

Dunlop, Jack H., [1921-]

Dunn, Harold

Dunn, Margaret

Dunning, Douglas Fred, 1910-

Dunsdon, Lionel H.

Eadie, James Albert “Jim”, 1922-1991

Earl, R.C.

Easterbrook, W.B.

Edgecombe, Kenneth, 1905-

Edwards, Reginald S.

Egan, John Andrew, 1909-

Eggenberger, Doug, 1922-

Ellis, Frank

Ellis, Harry

Embury, Donald Edward, 1915-

Erskine, George, died 2000

Etcher, Morley

Evans, H.G.

Evans, Ronald Sylvester, 1923-1945. Killed in action.

Evans, Robert William “Bob”, 1918-1944. Killed in action.

Evans, W.C.

Eves, Harvey, 1918-

Eves, James Arnold, 1923-1975

Exley, Douglas Cameron, 1920-

Exley, Marion – see Howitt

Exley, Walter Windover, 1910-1960

Farquhar, June R. (née Rusling)

Farquhar, Michael P.

Farrell, James Joseph Eugene, 1922-1988

Fearon, Gordon R.

Fellows, J. Fraser, 1914-

Fenn, Herbert John, died 1961

Ferguson, Ernest Alvin, 1919-2001

Ferguson, Howard

Fevreau, Francis

Fevreau, Yvonne

Filson, John Edward, 1924-

Filson, Grant

Findlater, John, 1920-1943. Killed during training.

Findlater, John Godfrey, 1908-1980

Finklestein, Harry

Finlay, Warren William

Finn, W.J.

Finn, Wilfred W.

Fitchett, Edwin

Fitchett, Gordon Thomas

Flanagan, Wilfred M., died 1987

Fletcher, Anson

Flood, John Henry “Jack”, died 1989

Flynn, Gerald a.k.a. John James Gerard

Fobert, Cecil [Joseph], 1916-

Fobert, James

Ford, Jean E.

Forsey, Margaret Isobel (née Joyce), 1916-

Fox, Arthur

Fox, Marshall, died of injuries

Fox, Thomas

Fraser, Clarke [M.], 1921-

Fraser, Douglas Hugh Willard, 1902-

Fraser, L.L.

Fraser, Marvin Robert Carl “Bud”, 1909-

Fraser, W.C.I.

Freeburn, Neil

Freeburn, Percy Angus, missing in action, 1944.

Freeman, Bruce, 1919-1996

Freeman, Reginald

Fretts, Douglas, died 1976

Fretts, Howard Lyle, 1918-

Fretts, Joe F.

Fretts, Robert Nelson, 1920-1943. Died as a result of illness.

Frink, Arthur Thomas, 1911-1943. Died in Canada.

Frink, Clifford H.

Fritz, William

Frizzell, 1903-

Frizzell, William Vine, 1903-

Fry, Frederick Nelson, 1913-

Gallagher, Chris

Gallagher, Donald F., 1911-

Gallagher, Gerald

Gallagher, Kenneth [G.]

Galt, William

Garrett, James Henry, 1915-

Garrison, Bruce

Garrison, Lionel Edgar “Teapot”, 1922-1982

Garrison, Nelson Durward, 1920-

Garrison, Robert A., 1918-

Gaulin, Herbert Arthur, 1917-

Gault, T.S., Rev., died 1959

Gaylord, Minor

Gee, D.V.

Gehan, Cecil

Genereaux, L.

Gerow, Walter T., 1918-2000

Gibbott, C.B.

Gibson, Helen

Giddy, D.A.

Giddy, John William “Jack”, 1926-

Giddy, Russell G.

Gilbert, Albert R., 1921-

Gilbert, Clarence [Gordon], 1902-

Gilbert, Donald Morley, 1924-

Gilbert, Garnet George “Joe”, 1923-1999

Gilbert, Howard Clifford, 1923-1943. Died of illness.

Gilbert, Kenneth Nelson,1921-

Gilbert, Morley, 1893-

Gilbert, Ralph

Gilbert, Stewart W., 1920-

Gilbert, Warren Frink, 1923-

Gilbridge, William Preston

Giroux, Gordon Limbert, 1915-

Giroux, Lloyd, 1914-

Glaesar, Cameron H.A.

Glaesar, Kenneth W.

Glen, Douglas

Glen[n], John Leslie, 1919-1963

Glen, John Wilson Jr., 1915-

Glen, Josephine (née Alkenbrack), 1917-

Glen, William

Godfrey, Kenneth

Godfrey, Norris, 1921-1999

Godfrey, 1893-

Good, Gerald

Good, Horace

Good, John Arthur, 1917-

Good, Robert J.

Good, Thomas, 1912-

Goodman, Wilbur H.

Gordon, Edward Alexander, 1925-

Gordon, Garnet

Gordon, Kenneth G.

Gordon, William George C.

Goslin, Harold Edgar Goslin “Hank”, 1917-

Goslin, Henry

Goslin, Robert J., 1917-

Goslin, Robert S.A.

Goulah, Al

Gourlie, John Keith, 1927-

Graham, Charles

Graham, Floyd

Graham, James Douglas, 1916-1995

Graham, Mark Carson, 1907-

Graham, William Douglas

Graham, William G.

Grange, John H., 1911-

Gray, Maurice

Gray, Merritt Carl “Mate”, 1918-1948

Green, Howard

Green, John

Green, Reginald

Gregg, George Allen, 1923-

Griffin, Gerald Walter

Griffith, Orville

Griffiths, Jenkin

Guy, Nelson A., 1907-1976

Hadden, George, 1918-

Hagerman, George

Haggarty, Wilfred

Haight, Harold Richard, 1919-1993

Haight, Jack Warren, 1916-

Haight, Phylis V.

Haight, Richard

Hall, Harvey

Hall, Teddy

Ham, L. Margaret

Hambly, Franklyn E., 1919-1984

Hamilton, Burdett Earwil, 1919-

Hamilton, Samuel

Hamilton, Mildred

Hamm, Harold Bristol, 1917-

Hanna, Robert B.

Hannah, John Kelusky, 1919-

Hannigan, Frank

Hare, Leonard J.

Harndell, Harold

Harnden, Claude, 1914-

Harnden, Edith

Harnden, Harold B., 1923-

Harrison, Gerald M., 1916-

Harrison, Ross H.

Hart, Fred

Hart, Milford F. “Bill”

Hart, Ray

Hart, Samuel W.D., M.D., 1914-

Hartin, Charles Dorland, 1918-

Hartin, Eugene

Hartin, Maurice E.

Hartman, Ferdie, died 2001

Hartman, Ray Garfield, 1916-

Hartwick, A.

Hartwick, Frederick David, 1924-1991

Hartwick, Harry

Hartwick, Kenneth, died 1995

Hartwick, William Franklin, 1910-1992

Harvey, Ray Vernon, 1919-1942, killed in action

Hawley, C. Leonard

Hawley, Harry

Hawley, Roy

Hay, R.E.D.

Hayes, C. Victor J., 1915-

Hayes, Edward John

Hayes, Gerald

Hayes, Howard

Head, John Clarence, 1919-

Head, William Leslie, 1911-

Hearns, Albert Leslie, 1918-1994

Hearns, Charles E., 1915-

Hearns, E. James Reginald, 1924-

Hearns, Edna Annie, née Davidson

Heathcote, James Annable, 1922-

Hedgcock, Frederick Thomas, 1924-

Hefford, Wallace

Hegadorn, Clarence R., 1910-1989

Helm, Ward

Henderson, Alonzo

Henderson, H.B.

Henderson, Herbert Gordon, 1922-

Henderson, Hugh Glenwood, 1926-

Henderson, Orval

Henderson, Robert Gordon, 1902-1982

Henderson, William James Horton (Judge)

Herrington, Albert Russell, 1911-

Herrington, Henry J.

Herrington, Lorenzo

Herrington, Margaret Eleanor “Helen”, 1891-1970

Hewett, Ronald Charles, 1919-2000

Hicks, E. Joan

Hicks, James D.

Hifford, Wallace

Hilditch, L. “Joe”

Hilditch, Les

Hill, Archie

Hill, George F.

Hiltz, Reginald M.

Hines, Herbert J., 1912-1975

Hines, Russell, 1924-2000

Histed, Luverne C, 1925-

Histed, Percy C.G. “Bud”, 1923-

Histed Percey Everton, died 1957

Hitchens, Fred

Hogan, John Kenneth “Jack”, 1925-1976

Holden, Clarence [A.] D., [born 1920?]

Holland, Howard Willson

Holland, Richard “Dick”

Hollingsworth, Francis Blake, 1921-

Hollis, Reginald

Holmes, Anthony e.

Holmes, John “Jack”

Holmes, Nelson Levi, [born 1914 or 15?]

Hoover, Harvey

Hope, Arthur, 1917-

Hopkins, Elijah S.

Hopkins, John, 1917-

Horley, Albert H.

Hoselton, John Albert C. “Bert”, died 1950

Hoselton, Harry D., 1893-1956

Hoselton, Lewis G.

Hoselton, L.S.C.

Howden, George W.

Howell, H.

Howell, Maurice

Howie, Clarence, died 2000

Howie, George

Howie, Roy, died 1961

Howitt, Gilbert Coutts, 1917-1956

Howitt, Marion, née Exley, 1912-2000

Howitt, Robert Brodie, 1910-1969

Howitt, William Mackie, 1912-

Hudson, Donald Hewitt, 1915-

Hudson, Eleanor Pearl, née Johnston

Huff, Arnold M.

Huff, C. or O.

Huff, Charles Nelson, 1913-1987

Huff, Erwell F.

Huffman, Claude Franklin, 1908-

Huffman, D.

Huffman, Gordon C.

Huffman, Oswald Herbert, 1910-

Hughes, Claude Elwood, 1921-1999

Hughes, Leslie

Hughes, Stanley

Hume, Hugh Thorburn, died 1976

Hunt, Donald

Hunt, Dominic Alphonse, M.D., 1921-1995

Hunter, J.A.

Hutchins, Fred [H.]

Huycke, Don W.

Hyland, Kenneth Watson, 1919-

Hyland, Stuart Almore, 1917-1978

Inwood, Laurison E.

Inwood, Norman M.

Irish, Harold Wellington, 1916-

Irvine, Edgar Bruce Stewart

Irwin, George

Jackson, Arthur

Jackson, Clayton, Born 1917. Killed in action, 1944

Jackson, Donald

Jackson, Earl W.

Jackson, Everett B., 1921-

Jackson, H.D.

Jackson, J.H.

Jackson, Keith Carl, 1919-

Jackson, Leslie

Jackson, Norman Frederick, died 1976

Jackson, Orval E., 1920-

Jackson, Ray Ernest

Jackson, Ronald Cogswell, 1913-1991

Jackson, Roy

Jackson, S.

Jamieson, Don

Jamieson, James W.S.

Jarvis, Carl H., 1919-2000

Jaynes, Clarence

Jaynes, Joseph

Jeffrey, Philip John, 1924-1989

Jeffs, Jack

Jennings, Merv A.

Jewitt, Vince Thomas

Jocko, Joseph Henry “Joe”, 1919-1989

Johnson, Carson

Johnson, George Ira

Johnson, R.I.

Johnson, William Edmund, 1915-

Johnston, Darius James, 1913-

Johnston, Donald E, born c1923, died from wounds 1944

Johnston, Eleanor P. - see Hudson

Johnston, George P., 1902-1963

Johnston, Harold Russell

Johnston, Kenneth Gerald, 1924-1989

Jones, Alfred

Jones, Donald Allen

Jones, Murray

Joyce, John M.

Joyce, Margaret Isobel - see Forsey

Joyce, Raymond

Joyce, Walter Angus, 1902-1991

Juby, Percy

Jupp, A.J. [James], 1911-1978

Kandler, Helena Doris née Sawkins

Kandler, Eugene S. “Gene”

Kay, Charles Johnathan, 1920-

Kay, Donald

Kay, Harold R.

Kay, Fred

Kay, William Ernest

Kearney, Arthur

Kearney, Gerald Edward, 1922-

Kearney, John Henry, b1911, died of wounds 1944

Kearney, Ruth

Kearney, William Steven, killed in action 1944

Keatings, Eddie

Keech, Arthur Wellington, 1901-2001

Keech, Joseph Ralph, 1920-1998

Keech, Walter, C.

Kellar, Arnold

Kellar, Clinton J.

Kellar, C.W.

Kellar, James Curtis, 1904-1952

Kellar, John D., died in uniform 1944

Kellar, Irvine

Kellar, K.C.

Kellar, Leon B.

Kelly, Walter C.

Kelsey, Lorne H.

Kershaw, Maurice

Kidd, Michael

Kilpatrick, Herbert

Kilpatrick, Stewart James, 1923-

Kimmerly, Amos Walter, b. 1921, killed in action 1943

Kimmerly, Merle Faxon, b. 1921, killed in action 1944

Kimmett, Albert

Kimmett, Earl Newman, 1919-1995

Kimmett, George Russell, 1914-1964

Kinkley, George Richard, 1916-

Kirby, Frederick John, 1911-

Kirk, Thomas Lorne, b. 1918, died during RAF training exercise, 1941

Kirkham, Reginald

Kirkham, Theodore

Kirkham, W.A.

Kirkpatrick, Gerald D., 1920-1958

Kirkpatrick, Robert Henry, 1918-

Knapp, S. Eugene “Sammy”

Knight, Bill

Knight, Dale

Knight, George

Knight, John Lee “Jack”, died 1967

Knight, Russell

Knox, Fred, 1907-

Knuth, Herbert J.

Lafee, Herbert

Laird, Charles Henry, died 1961

Laird, Elgin Stanley

Laird, Eric Murray

Laird, Harold, died in uniform 1944

Laird, Kenneth K, died 1968

Laird, Richard

Lakins, Clarence L.

Lakins, Gerald Danford, died 1983

Lakins, Ronald, 1925-1990

Lambert, Allan B.

Lambert, Lorne G.

Lambert, S.W.

Lamont, Alex

Lamonte, Samuel Robert, 1902-

Lane, Aubrey Wesley, 1911-

Lane, Edward

Lane, Morgan A., 1919-

Langford, H.H. (Herman Hamilton)

Lapum, William

Lasher, Herman [J.]

Lasher, L.M.

Laton, Thomas Leo, died of wounds, 1944

Lawler, Ford John, 1915-1971

Lawson, Gavin

Leady, Acie

Leary, Allan Frederick, 1917-

Leary, Harry N., 1919-1995

Leary, James R.,

Leaver, Andrew Nelson

Leaver, Lynn

Leaver, William Franklin

Lees, Roy Clarence, b. 1918

Lemaistre, Eric Horatio, 1917-

Lemmon, A.C.

Lemmon, D.J.

Lemmon, N.

Lennox, Everett, 1918-1999

Lennox, Garnet F.

Lessard, Bernard

Lessard, Elvin

Lessard, Patricia, née Lloyd, 1926-

Lessard, Stafford

Leveck, Clarence H.

Leveck, Roy

Leveck, T.P. Dorian “Pete”

Leveque, Clarence, died 1967

Levere, Odey Harcourt, b. 1922. Died on active service, 1957

Lewis, Joseph Harold, 1922-

Lewis, Paul A., 1924-

Lewis, William Borden

Lewis, William Harold, killed in action 1945

Leybourne, Mathew “Mack”

List, Fred

Lister, John

Lloyd, Almonte

Lloyd, Arthur W.

Lloyd, Clarence E.

Lloyd, Clifford Henry, 1923-

Lloyd, Danny

Lloyd, Harold, 1923-2000

Lloyd, Leslie

Lloyd, Lorne

Lloyd, Maynard W.

Lloyd, Patricia -see Lessard

Lloyd, Percy Laverne, 1926-

Lloyd, Ray

Lloyd, Roger J.

Lloyd, Ward

Lloyd, Wesley

Lochead, Charles Howard, 1923-

Lochead, Glenn W.

Locking, George Edwin, 1919-

Lord, Anson Joseph Napoleon, 1907-

Losee, John Andrew, 1915-1983

Losee, Joseph

Losee, Leonard, 1917-1956

Losee, Warren, 1896-1963

Lott, Alfred W., 1921-

Lott, Donald, 1924-

Lott, Everton “Buster”, 1908-1973

Lott, Frank, 1914-1960

Lott, Gerald Joseph, [b. 1918]

Lott, Lorne Orval, 1920-

Lott, Ronald W., 1924-

Loucks, Aubrey Ray, died 1958

Loucks, Bruce

Loucks, Gerald

Loucks, Harry Ross, 1899-

Loucks, June

Loucks, Richard Earl, 1894-1972

Lowrey, Bryden

Louicie, John R.

Loyst, Everett

Loyst, Harold

Loyst, Morley Percival, b. 1913. Killed during RAF training, 1943

Loyst, Thomas Morris “Maurice”, 1917-2000

Luffman, John W.

Lyburn, Maxwell R.

Lyman, John Edward, died 1963

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