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Mayors of Old Napanee, 1865-1988

The Lennox and Addington Historical Society would like to thank all the many volunteers who have worked on this list, but in particular Anna Doyle, Lesley Gavlas and Charles Gordon.

Alexander, Alfred, Mayor 1914; 1915
Born February 14, 1853, Ontario. Died June 1, 1915, Napanee.
Occupation, cheese dealer. Married, 1884 Maria Helmer.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Alkenbrack, A. Douglas (Almonte Douglas A.), Mayor 1957-58
Born June 2, 1912, Rydal Bank, Ontario. Died March 19, 1998. Napanee.
Occupation, lumber dealer and later Member of Parliament. Married Annie Mary 'Nan' Rogers, 1939; issue.
Buried Riverview Cemetery, Napanee

Aylsworth, Jehial, Mayor 1891
Born October 15, 1838, Ontario. Died October 8, 1909 (Hotel Dieu Hospital, Kingston).
Occupation, grocer. Married (1862) Elizabeth Hume; issue.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Carscallen, Thomas George, Mayor 1889-90; 1900-01
Born April 9, 1842, Ontario. Died March 15, 1917, Napanee.
Occupation, undertaker; later Member of Provincial Parliament. Married Melinda Mair, 1873; issue.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Carson, John, Mayor 1896
Born October 24, 1838, Fermanagh, Ireland. came to Ernestown as a boy in 1845 Died February 19, 1903, Napanee.
Occupation, sadler. John Carson married (1) Miss Williams, issue; (2)Esther Stone; issue.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Chalk, George Sydney, Mayor 1946-7
Born December 29, 1896, Hungerford township. Died March 3, 1965.
Occupation, well-driller. Veteran of First World War. Married Louise Baird; issue.
Buried Riverview Cemetery, Napanee

Cook, Herman L, M.D., Mayor 1887-8
[Born 1828.] Came to Napanee in 1871. Died, Toronto, Nov. 16, 1905
Occupation, medical doctor. Married Maria Baker; issue.
Buried Toronto

Daly, John Geale, Mayor 1931
Born 1865, Richmond township. Died September 3, 1944, Napanee.
Occupation, tea merchant. Married Susan Florence Richards; issue.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Davy, Benjamin Canning, Mayor 1865-7
Born August 13,1827, likely in Bath, Ontario. Died Kingston, February 10, 1874.
Son of Peter Davy and Aurelia Chapman. Known in Napanee as "B.C. Davy".
Occupation, barrister. Married [1853] Ellen Elizabeth Davy; issue.
Buried St. John's Anglican Church, Bath, Ontario.

Denison, Samuel Casey, Mayor 1917
Born September 13, 1857, Richmond township. Died August 10, 1930, Napanee.
Occupation, grocer. Married (1) 1882 Martha Ann Rose; issue: (2) Mary Almina Ryan.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Gibbard, Wm. Thomas, Mayor 1915
Born November 2, 1845, Napanee. Died January 17, 1920, Napanee.
Assumed the job of Mayor after Alfred Alexander died in office.
Occupation, furniture manufacturer. Married (1) Viletta O. Lattimer, (2)1878 Anna Eliza 'Lisa' Anderson; issue.
Buried Riverview Cemetery, Napanee.

Graham, Mark P. (Mark Peter), Mayor 1921; 1922
Born October 21, 1881, Ontario. Died October 14, 1966.
Occupation: tax collector and assessor, Town Treasurer, police magistrate, Town Clerk. Married 1906 Ella Jenny Carson; issue.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Hall, Duane Robert, M.D., Mayor 1940-1945
Born August 13, 1897 [Brockville]. Died September 24, 1953.
Married, 1925, Jessie Evelyn McGillivray, nee Dibb; issue.
Occupation, physician.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Henry, Alexander Steele, Mayor 1880-1
Born May 28, 1837, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Died Toronto, June 30,1922.
Occupation: (1) printer; (2) insurance appraiser for I.O.F.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Herrington, Glen C., Mayor 1963-64; 1979-80
Born 1909. Died January 28, 1991.
Occupation: ? Married 1933, Doris Margaret Allen.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Howitt, William Mackie, Mayor 1929
Born 1881, Glasgow, Scotland. Died March 7, 1933.
Occupation: stone cutter and monument maker. Married Charlotte Laing; issue.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Huffman, James C., Mayor 1868-71
Born May 29, 1820. Died 1905 Napanee.
Occupation, druggist. Married Almira Garrett; issue.
Buried Riverview Cemetery, Napanee.

Hughson, Arthur Stuart, (Captain), Mayor 1937-1939
Born Kingston, January 21, 1880. Died ?
Occupation, career soldier, Royal Canadian Engineers.
Married Montreal, Dec. 18, 1907 Marion Salter Horsey, a.k.a. Mary Ann Salter Horsey, daughter of Richard M. Horsey.
Burial place not known.

James, Charles, 1879; Mayor 1882-1883
Born 1827. Died December 12, 1887.
Occupation, clerk. In 1861, was Clerk of the Division Court, Napanee. Married (1) Ellen Caniff; issue: (2) Maria Caton; issue.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Jamieson, Thomas C., Mayor 1898
Born March 15, 1828, Perth, Ontario. Died December 9, 1917.
Occupation, gentleman. Married Jane Steacy; no issue.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Joy, Wilder, Mayor 1884-5
Born June 25, 1829. Died 1906.
Occupation, blacksmith and sawmill operator. Married Rosanna ?; issue.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Kimmerly, Amos Scott, Mayor 1911
Born December 10, 1858, Richmond township. Died July 14, 1924, Napanee.
Occupation, grocer. Married Mary J. "Minnie" Stinson.
Buried, Riverview Cemetery, Napanee.

Kimmerly, Arthur Stinson, Mayor 1932-3; 1952-3
Born April 20, 1891, Napanee. Died 1970.
Occupation, small business owner. Married 1919, Frances Kathleen Donnelly; issue.
Buried Riverview Cemetery, Napanee.

Lapum, Edwin Smith, Mayor 1892
Born December 15, 1846, Portland township. Died January 15, 1926, Napanee.
Occupation: shop-keeper, auctioneer and later, Treasurer of the Town of Napanee. Married 1873 Margaret "Maggie" L. Duncan; issue.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee. (No grave stone.)

Lasher, Harold Huffman, Mayor 1959-60
Born June 14, 1906, Camden township. Died March 30, 1993.
Occupation, ? Married Beatrice I. Deline.
Buried Riverview Cemetery, Napanee.

Leonard, Raymond A., M.D., Mayor 1893
Born February 18, 1851, Westbrook. Died Kingston General Hospital, April 29, 1924.
Occupation, family physician. Married 1883 Frances Clapp; issue.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Lowry, John, Mayor 1905; 1906
Born April 20, 1842, County Down, Ireland. Died August 14, 1923, Napanee.
Occupation, blacksmith. Married, 1867, Rachel Connolly; issue.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

MacGregor, Alexander David, Mayor 1923; 1924
Born 1876, Scotland. Died January 30, 1961.
Occupation, owner of department store. Married, 1904 Charlotte Whytock; issue.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Madole, Marshall Seymour, Mayor 1904
Born 1850 in Richmond township. Died September 16, 1918, Napanee.
Occupation, hardware merchant. Married, 1874, Polly Ann Miles; issue.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

McNeil, Archibald, Mayor 1878
Born 1826, Napanee. Died January 13, 1886, Napanee.
Occupation, gentleman. Married, 1859, Alecia [a.k.a. Ellen] Davern.
Buried Napanee Roman Catholic Cemetery.

Meng, Herman, Mayor 1907; 1908
Born January 1, 1854, in Oswego, N.Y.. Came to Canada as a youth in 1870. Died July 17, 1928, Sheffield township.
Occupation, mechanic. Married 1874 Elsie M. Wales; issue.
Buried in Riverview Cemetery, Napanee.

Ming, Edward, Mayor 1925; 1926
Born 1858 Norham, Ontario. Came to Napanee in about 1883. Died May 9, 1936, Ottawa.
Occupation: Veterinary surgeon, later Member of Provincial Parliament. Married 1880 Emma Catherine Duckworth; issue.
Buried Riverview Cemetery, Napanee.

Morden, Amzi Lewis, Q.C. Mayor 1872-4
Born 1831. Died August 3, 1895, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Occupation, lawyer.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Paul, William George, Mayor 1936
Born August 23, 1887, Richmond township. Died 1961.
Occupation: Married Marjorie M. Jones.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Pruyn, T[homas] Dorland, Mayor 1899
Born December 24 [or 25], 1849, Ontario. Died January 25, 1913, Buffalo, N.Y.
Occupation, sheriff. Married Mary Amelia Campbell ; issue.
Buried Belleville Cemetery.

Robinson, James Edward, Mayor 1918-1920
Born Madoc, October 9th, 1870. Died May 15th, 1947.
Occupation, clerk. Married [1897 or 1898] Dora McGonegal; issue.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Robson, George D., Mayor 1948-9
Born April 9, 1874, Ontario [Ernestown?] Died April 6, 1957.
Occupation (1901) farmer. Married (1) Lizabeth Cameron, (2) Rose Duckworth.
Buried at Violet, Ontario.

Roy, Edmund John, Mayor 1927; 1928
Born September 3, 1871, Belleville. Died January 12, 1944.
Occupation, manufacturer. Married Elizabeth Jane Wallace; issue.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Ruttan, George Frederick, K.C., Mayor 1902; 1916
Born June 30, 1858, Newburgh, Ontario. Died September 24, 1927, Napanee.
Occupation, barrister. Married, 1888, Charlotte "Effie" Murphy.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Simpson, John Milner, K.C., Mayor 1930
Born October 17, 1897, Napanee. Died November 18, 1946.
Occupation, solicitor.
Married 1921 Katharine Sarah Reeve ; issue.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Simpson, Thomas Walker, M.D., Mayor 1909; 1910
Born March 24, 1856, township of East Garafraxa. Died March 15, 1922, Napanee.
Occupation, physician. Married Henrietta Milner; issue.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Smart, Lorne Alexander, Mayor 1954-1955; 1961-2; 1965-1978; 1981-1985
Born [1914] Fergus, Ontario. Died August 3, 1987, Napanee.
Moved to Napanee circa 1937. Occupation administrator at Collins Bay Penitentiary, retiring in 1979, then small businessman (florist shop). Married Jeanne Gerow; issue.
Buried in Riverview Cemetery, Napanee.

Steacy, [William] Albert, Mayor 1913
Born January 30, 1860.
Occupation, baker. Married, 1884, Mary Jane Duncan.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Stevens, Charles, Mayor 1894-5
Born February 5, 1847, London, England. Died October 14, 1931, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Occupation sailor, then potash/coal/timber merchant, later (1901) publisher. Married (1) Lucina Van Alstine ; (2) 1878 Angeline Molyneaux; issue.
Buried Riverview Cemetery, Napanee.

Tustin, George J. (George James), Mayor, 1934
[Born September 19, 1888, East York.] Died May 19, 1968.
Occupation, movie theatre owner. Member of Parliament, 1935-1958. Married (1)1928 Celia Kelly: (2) Ida Vivian Ashley.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Vine, Harry W. (Harry William), Mayor 1950-51
Born August 25, 1904, Napanee. Died January 22, 1969.
Occupation, coal and fuel oil merchant. Married Edith Elizabeth Sexsmith.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Vrooman, John Perry, M.D., Mayor 1903
Born February 25, 1860, Centerville, Ontario. Died August 20, 1923, Kingston General Hospital.
Married, Rose Elizabeth Catherall; issue
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Waller, William Thornton, Mayor 1912
Born April 15, 1865. Died 1955.
Occupation, merchant. Married Alice ?
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Ward, George Collins Tremaine, M.D., Mayor 1897
Born January 18, 1855, Cataraqui. Died July 27, 1912, Napanee.
Occupation, physician. Married 1889 Mabel Louise Herring; issue.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Wartman, Alvin Secord, Mayor 1956
Born 1919. Died November 16, 2006.
RCAF Veteran, World War II. Occupation ? Married, 1940, Phyllis Hart; issue.
Buried at Moscow, Ontario.

Webster, Harold William, Mayor 1986-1988
Born 1913, Gananoque, Ontario. Died August 9, 1991.
During the Second World War, Harold Webster was an officer in the Royal Canadian Navy, retiring with the rank of Lt.-Commander.
Peacetime occupation, manager. Married, 1941, Katharine Philipppa Bate; issue.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

Williams, Walter Scott, Mayor 1875-7
Born 1836. Died January 19, 1911.
Occupation, lawyer, firm of Williams and Morden, and trustee in bankruptcy. Remembered locally for his work in the temperance movement. Married Almira ?; issue.
Buried Oakland, California. Specific cemetery not known.

Wilson, Uriah, Mayor 1886
Born March 17, 1841, North Fredericksburgh township. Died February 2, 1918, Napanee.
Occupation, boot and shoe merchant, then Member of Parliament. Married Mary Moyle; issue.
Buried Riverside Cemetery, Napanee.

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