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POLL BOOK (VOTERS' LIST), December 24, 1866

United Municipalities of Denbigh, Abinger and Ashby

Transcribed by Kate Mundell.

Background: This holograph early poll book, written in fading ink on blue paper, is too fragile to flatten for microfilming. In this pioneer period, nearly all property owners would have been grouped along the settlement trails, in this case the future "Addington Road" now known as Regional Road 41. The interest in the area for German settlers is already apparent.

At the turn of the last century, sources commonly referred to these settlers as "from the Rhineland". Michael Umpherson has pointed out that the term "Rhineland" was possibly a generic term for "Germany" for those oldtimers. Michael has learned that many of the early German immigrants to Denbigh came, not from the Rhineland (which is in western Germany) but from the old province of Silesia (Schlesien) in the furthest east portions of Prussia. Today the Silesia area is part of Poland. To further complicate matters, one or two families apparently came from central areas of Germany. We are grateful to Michael Umpherson for pointing out that we should take references to "the Rhineland" and "Rhinelanders" in the old records with a grain of salt!


Bartsh, Gustav

Bebee, E. C. - Elected councillor for 1867

Blakely, Alex

Byrns, John

Cassilman F.

Clark, B. - Elected councillor for 1867

Conner, Robert

Conner, Wm.

Copelin, Thos.

Cowan A.

Crankshaw, E. N.

Crankshaw, Isaac - Elected councillor for 1867

Crookshank, Andrew

Dogg, John

Doig, C.

Eno, John

Finch, John

Fritch, Godfrey

Grant, James

Greer, Wm.

Gregg, John

Hames, William

Holmes, J.

Hughs, David (Clerk and Returning Officer)

John, Augustus

Kenyon, C. M. - Elected Reeve for 1867

Kenyon, Willm.

Lane, James*

Lane, John

Lane, William

Livingston, David

Livingston, W. J.

Malory, Elisha

Malory, Wallace

Marlin, R.

Marquardt, Joseph

McCann, Owen

Nery, John

Newman, Charles - Elected councillor for 1867

O'Neil, Dennis

Peholka, Frederick

Petzold, William

Radal, Gothart

Reid, L.

Roark, James

Roark, Saml.

Spenser, Chas. T.

Spranklin, J.

Sweetman, G. W.

Switzer, D.

Thompson, John

Vama, Thomas

Vantassel, F.

Waddington, David

Wensley, E.

Wickwire, A. P.

Wickwire, L. P.

Wickwire, William

Youmans, David

* James Lane was elected Reeve, but was given "Notice to him and to the Electors that he was disqualified by Selling Liquor on his premises in 1861."

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