By Robert W.S. MacKay


Printed and Published by John Lovell, St. Nicholas Street



A thriving VILLAGE situated on the Napanee River, in the Township of Richmond, County of Lennox, C. W., on the main road from Kingston to Toronto --distant from Kingston, 25 miles --usual stage fare, 5s. --distant from Belleville, 25 miles-usual stage fare, 5s. Population about 1000.

Agencies of Assurance Companies, Banks, &c.

Britannia Life Assurance Co., James F. Bartels, agent.

Columbus Fire Assurance Co., James F. Bartels, agent.

National Loan Fund Life and Equitable Fire Assurance Companies, R. Easton, agent.

Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.

Bartells, James F., conveyancer and commissioner of court of Queen's Bench.

Campbell, Alexander, postmaster.

Detlor & Perry, dealers in dry goods, groceries, hardware crockery, &c.

George, F. J., general store, chemist and druggist

Georgen, T. W., general store, chemist and druggist-drugs, oil, groceries, books, hardware, &c.

Greenleaf, G. D., general printing office, and wood and seal engraver.

James & Peterson, dealers in dry goods, groceries, hardware, crockery, &c.

Mackay, Archibald, farmer, 2 miles from the village.

Macpherson, Donald, miller, distiller and dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, country produce, &c.

Napanee Bee, The, weekly paper, G. D. Greenleaf, publisher

Pringle, Daniel, hotel, stage house keeper and auctioneer,-travellers will find a good house and reasonable charges, auctioneering business attended to on moderate terms.

Shorey, Miles, jun., Lennox hotel-travellers will find good accommodations and reasonable charges at this house.

Stevenson, Andrew, dealer in groceries, and provisions and saloon keeper.

Templeton, William, tanner and shoe manufacturer-cash paid for hides.

Wilson & Co., dealers in dry goods, groceries, hardware, clothing, crockery and country produce.

Wright, William, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, crockery and country produce.

Allan, David, chemist and druggist.

Bartels, George, carriagemaker.

Beeman, T., saddler.

Benn, James, blacksmith.

Black, Rev. J., Wesleyan.

Blewett, John, grocer.

Briggs, Noel, shoemaker.

Brown, Rev. M., Episcopal Methodist.

Bruton, Charles, grocer.

Carey, Dr. Frances V.

Chamberlain, Dr. Thomas.

Chatterson, John, grocer.

Chrysdall, John, lath factory.

Clapp, G. S., land surveyor.

Clark, Leonard, blacksmith.

Clark, Andrew L., saw mill.

Close, Thomas, carriagemaker

Cooper, John, tailor.

Cornell, George, innkeeper.

Davey, George H., general store.

Dickens, Edmond, baker.

Doney, Solomon, shoemaker.

Easton, Robert, general store.

Edgar, John, carriagemaker

Fink, Hiram, blacksmith.

Foot, Benjamin, tailor.

Forward, Henry T., general store.

Foster, Robert, grocer.

Fraser, Davis, tailor.

George, Frederick, general store.

Gunn, William, general store.

Halfpenny, Joseph, shoemaker.

Hamilton, H., carriagemaker.

Hill,___, lath factory.

Herring, John, foundry and tin shop.

Huff, Thomas, blacksmith.

Huff, Eliakem, cooper.

Huff, William, cooper.

King, John, innkeeper.

Lamb, Thomas, general store.

Lanphier,William, shoemaker.

Lanphier, John, shoemaker.

Lauder, Rev. W. B., Church of England

McCulloch, James, tailor.

McLaughlin, James, tailor.

Mackay, A. B., clerk of division court

Madden, S. S., tanner and shoemaker.

Martin, James, general store.

Mills, George, saddler.

Moray, Joseph, blacksmith.

Parish, William, tinsmith.

Perry, John W., cloth factory, fulling and carding mills.

Rust, ____, carding mill.

Reynolds, Rev. Mr., Wesleyan.

Schermerhorn, Asa, grocer.

Shirley, Dr. Thomas.

Storr, Edward, shoemaker.

Towers, W. M., carriagemaker.

Trom, James, saddler.

Vine, David, grocer.


A VILLAGE of Adolphustown is situated in the Township of the same name, and County of Lennox, C. W. --distant from Kingston, 32 miles --usual steamboat fare, 2s. 6d., usual stage fare, 7s. 6d.

Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.

Gerue, Andrew, innkeeper.

Lalanne, E. D., general store and wharfinger.

Loynes, Jas. & Samuel, cabinetmakers.

M'Whirter, D., postmaster.

Mulock, Rev. J. A., Church of England.


The VILLAGE of Bath is situated on the shore of Lake Ontario, in the Township of Ernestown, County of Addington, C. W. --distant from Kingston, 18 miles --usual steamboat fare, 1s. 9d.-usual stage fare, 3s. 9d. Population about 550.

Public Officers.

Fairfield, W. J., postmaster and collector of customs.

Seymour, Benjamin, M. P. P.

Donnelly, James, clerk of division court.

Priest, E. D., township councillor.

Detlor, Jacob, inspector of licenses.

Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.

Aishton, Dr. Thomas.

Beaupre, P. R., shipbuilder.

Belfor & Armstrong, carriagemakers.

Blair, William, tailor.

Burley, William, hatter.

Carr, Rev. George, Wesleyan.

Cardwell, William, blacksmith.

Davy, B. F., & Co., general store.

Davy, James, carpenter.

Davy, W. F., wharfinger and shipowner.

Dame, Allan, shipowner.

Donnolly, James, general store.

Forward, D. T., cabinetmaker.

Foster, James, tanner.

Greaves, Reuben, saddler.

Harper, Rev. H. F., Church of England.

Harris, Abraham, carpenter.

Harris, James, tailor.

Hart, S. B., saddler.

Hawley, James E., innkeeper.

Hough, Alva, broommaker.

Johnston, William, potashmaker.

Johnston, T. C., saddler.

Johnston, James, saddler.

Kennedy, Roderick, M. D.

Lasher, John, general store.

Middleton, William, painter.

Monder, Thomas, mason.

Nugent, John, general store.

Phillips, Rev. H. N., Church of England.

Price, Elias, cabinetmaker.

Priest, F., bootmaker.

Priest, E. D., carriagemaker.

Reeves, ____, shoemaker.

Rogers, Samuel, general store.

Rogers & Wright, general store.

Rogers, Samuel, carriagemaker

Rowse, John, saloon.

Scrivens, J., baker.

Sharp, Matthew, tailor.

Shibley, D., innkeeper.

Thomas, William, agent for fire assurance.

Thompson, James, mason.

Tripp, Charles, ironfounder.

Williams, John, blacksmith.

CLARK'S MILLS (or Camden)

A VILLAGE situated on the Napanee River, in the Township of Camden, County of Addington, C. W. --distant from Kingston, 21 miles --usual stage fare 3s. 9d. to Kingston, and back same day, 5s. Population about 350.

Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.

Caswell, R. W., hotelkeeper, carriagemaker and smith -- travellers will find good accommodation at this house, and charges reasonable.

Clark, William H., general store, clerk of division court, deputy-postmaster, agent for marriage licenses, and one of the coroners for the county.

Clark, Peter H., general store, dry goods, groceries, hardware, crockery, &c.

Clark, Samuel, postmaster and J. P.

Hayden, James, general store, dry goods, groceries, hardware, crockery, &c.

Hayden & Sproule, distillers.

Hooper, Felix, general store, dry goods, groceries, hardware, crockery, &c.

Martin, Henry, general store, dry goods, groceries, hardware, crockery, &c.

Sproule, Robert, Canada hotel-an excellent house, and charges moderate.

Wellington, Charles, carpenter and builder -- is always prepared to attend to every department of his business, upon favourable terms.

Andrews, Thomas, chairmaker, turner, and cabinetmaker.

Bamford, Thomas, saddler and harnessmaker.

Bickness, Dr. Nathan.

Bush, William, tanner and shoemaker.

Close, Henry, carpenter and builder.

Darling, Joseph, carriagemaker.

Duncan, Hugh, shoemaker.

Gilbreth, Joan, shoemaker.

Hamilton, Clark, shoemaker.

Harrigan, John, blacksmith.

Harrison, William, tailor.

Hawse, James, carpenter and builder.

Lewis, Joseph, saddler and harnessmaker.

Lew, Samuel, baker.

Lockwood, J., blacksmith.

McCormack, Alexander, carpenter and builder.

McDonnell, Dr., physician and surgeon.

McPherson, Malcolm, millwright.

Papin, Pierre, tailor.

Shirley, Rev. Paul, Church of England.

Summerville, Alexander, shoemaker.

Woodruff, William, grist mill, saw mill, cloth factory, carding and fulling mills.

COLEBROOK or Peter's Mills

A VILLAGE situated on the Napanee River, in the Township of Camden, County of Addington, C. W. --distant from Kingston, 21 miles. Population about 120.

Alphabetical list of Professions, Trades, &c.

Brown, L., carpenter and builder

Coyle, John, innkeeper and tailor.

David, Sidney, cooper.

Grannis, Henry, innkeeper.

Hardwick, John, cooper.

Hoppins, Aaron, millwright.

Jenkins, Edwin, blacksmith.

Miller, George, saw and planing mill.

Morris, F., carriagemaker.

O'Connor, W., & Co., general store and shoe shop.

O'Connor, Thomas, general store.

Peters, Absalom, blacksmith.

Rouse, , grist mill.

Smith, Ira, blacksmith.

Warner, Charles, general store.

Warner, Sidney, saw mills.

MILLCREEK [later Odessa]

A VILLAGE situated on the post-road from Kingston to Toronto, in the Township of Ernesttown --distant from Kingston, 12 miles-usual stage fare to Kingston, 2s 6d. Population about 250.

Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.

Avery, Wright, hotelkeeper --travellers will find a good house and reasonable charges --conveyances are furnished when required.

Clark, Benjamin, general store and temperance inn.

Hough, Asa H., general store and foundry --manufactures stoves, ploughs, &c.

Savage, Wm. H. G., general store, dry goods, groceries, provisions, china, hardware, &c.

Walker, Johnson, hotelkeeper --travellers will observe that this is the only brick house in the village, and they will find good accommodation at reasonable charges, and carriages are furnished when required.

Bills, Gordon, blacksmith.

Bonny, , pumpmaker.

Booth, Phillip D., grist mill.

Booth, John, saw mill.

Booth, Joshua, cloth factory and fulling mills.

Burke, Q. M., shoemaker.

Darley, Thomas cabinetmaker.

David, D., cooper.

Dow, L., chairmaker.

Doyle, John, tailor.

Foster, , tailor.

Gordon, Alexander, tannery.

Gordon, Billings, blacksmith.

Gordon, William, tannery.

Hains, William, shoemaker.

Leonard, N., carriagemaker.

McDonald, Alexander, general store.

McDonough, , blacksmith.

Maybee, , carriagemaker.

Routledge, William, pail factory.

Timmerman, Parker, general store and postmaster.

Trewel, A. S., chairmaker.

Vanauken, Levi, & Co., churn factory.

Vedden, Nelson, hotelkeeper.

Wycott, Francis, general store and tavern.

Yeomans, Dr. David.


A VILLAGE situated on the Napanee River, in the Township of Camden and County of Addington, C. W -.-distant from Kingston, 23 miles-usual stage fare, 3s. 9d.-going and returning the same day, 5s. --distant from Napanee, 6 miles. Population about 700.

Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.

Caton, Allan, chemist and druggist-patent medicines, paints and dye stuffs in every variety, also school and miscellaneous books, &c.

Hooper, A. & D., general store, saw and grist mills-dry goods, groceries, hardware, crockery, &c.

MacEgan, Florence, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, crockery, drugs, &c.

Armstrong, Thomas, axe factory.

Aylsworth, Dr. J. B.

Black, John, tannery.

Brown, William, carpenter and builder.

Burdett, D. and A., tannery

Clarke, R. T., brickyard.

Creighton, John, blacksmith.

Clair, Dr. Joseph.

Davy, James, shoemaker.

Detlor, William, shoemaker.

Deroche, Pascal, tailor.

Ekens, George, cabinetmaker and turner.

Fullarton, Joseph, cabinetmaker.

Finkle, Henry, carriagemaker.

Hookaway, William, carriagemaker.

Hooper, A. T. G., postmaster.

Hope, R. F., Camden house.

Howell, William, carpenter and builder.

Irons, William, shoemaker.

Jones, Edward, carpenter and builder.

McConnell, Ezekiel, tailor.

Madden, George, grist and saw mills.

Madden, Sylvester, carding and fulling mills.

Miller, C. H., saw mill.

Papin, Daniel, tailor.

Percy, John, blacksmith.

Pomeroy, John, saw mill.

Pringle, David Y., saw mill.

Reynolds, Rev. Joseph, Wesleyan.

Roblin, O. S., saddler.

Rook, John, tinsmith.

Scott, Rev. Thomas, Free Church.

Spencer, Homer, saddler.

Stephenson & Ham, general store.

Stickney, D. B., iron foundry.

SIMCOE FALLS [later Yarker]

A VILLAGE situated on the Napanee River, in the Township of Camden and County of Addington, C. W. --distant from Kingston, 20 miles. Population about 125.

Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.

Boyer, William, innkeeper.

Chambers, Timothy, grist mill and grocery.

Connolly, Joseph, foundry and smith.

Miller, Garret, tannery.

Miller, George, carding and fulling mills.

O'Laughlin, Michael, cabinetmaker.

Phillips, Abraham, shoemaker.

Scott, Samuel, saw mill.

Scott, James, shingle factory and millwright.

Shibley, John, storekeeper.

Simpkins, Stephen, carpenter and builder.

Snyder, Reuben, carpenter and builder.

Vader, Paul, storekeeper, saddler and shoemaker.


A VILLAGE situated on the Salmon River, in the Township of Sheffield, County of Addington, C. W. --distant from Shannonville, 30 miles-from Kingston, 36 miles. Population about 125.

Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.

Wheeler, Calvin, postmaster and township treasurer.

Bence, Nicholas, shoemaker.

Dimerest, Dr. E. G. G., physician and surgeon.

Helm, Robert, blacksmith.

Hooper, Henry, tailor.

Kirk, James, blacksmith.

Millon, William, tailor.

Miller, George, tanner and currier.

Ring, David, wheelwright.

Robertson, Samuel, cooper.

Selden & Gordon, merchants and millers.

Storring, John, shoemaker.

Thompson, John, wheelwright.

Wheeler, C. & J., general merchants.

Wheeler, Alonzo, general merchant.

Wheeler, Luke O., innkeeper.

Wheeler, James, clerk division court, and town clerk.

Wormworth, Mathew, blacksmith.


A VILLAGE situated on the Big Creek, in the Township of Ernestown, C. W. --distant from Kingston, 16 miles. Population about 200.

Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.

Warner, Sidney, general store, and postmaster, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, crockery, and manufacture of pot ashes.

Bartram, Joseph, shoemaker.

Beaty [sic], Dawson, cabinetmaker.

Burley, Nathaniel, blacksmith.

Davey, William, blacksmith.

Davey, John, saddler.

Hill, John, carriagemaker.

McFadden, Rev. William, Wesleyan.

Ovens, William, carriagemaker.

Perrault, Nicholas, mason.

Phillips, William, tailor.

Pultz, Henry, general store, and agent for marriage licenses.

Pomeroy, Dr. T., physician and surgeon.

Reed, Joseph, blacksmith.

Simmons, Benjamin, grist and saw mills.

Simmons, Henry, innkeeper.

Smith, John, blacksmith.

Sole, Dubois, shoemaker.

Taylor, Dr. Henry, physician and surgeon.

Thompson, William, carpenter.

Thompson, James, carpenter.

Thompson, William, cabinetmaker.

Tompkins, Edward. tailor.

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