Napanee Standard

March 5, 1855


Business Directory

Mr. James Agnew

ATTORNEY-at-law, Solicitor in Chancery, &c, &c, ... Mr. Agnew will be able to give his attention to matters coming within the jurisdiction of the Division court, lately much extended.

Mr. B.C. Davy

BARRISTER and ATTORNEY at LAW. SOLICITOR for CHANCERY. Convyancer and Notary Public. Dundas St., Napanee. Collections attended to Personally in all parts of Upper Canada and by Agents in Lower Canada.

W. Allan Geddes

BARRISTER and ATTORNEY at LAW, Conveyancer &c. King St., Kingston.

Gildersleeve & Draper


O'Reilly & Macarow

BARRISTERS &c, 7 Wellington Street, Kingston, Canada West.

J.J. Burrows

BARRISTER and ATTORNEY at LAW. Conveyancer, Notary Public, King Street, Kingston

R.S. Henderson

ATTORNEY at LAW, Solicitor and Conveyancer. Clarence St., Kingston, two doors below the British American Hotel.

Messrs. Campbell & Mowat

BARRISTERS &c, Princess Street, Kingston. Alexander Campbell, George L. Mowat


WATCH and CLOCK MAKER, and WORKING JEWELER, Dundas Street, Napanee, C.W. Chronometers; Duplex Lever, Independent Second and every description of Watches, Musical Instruments &c. Repaired at all times and on reasonable terms. Watches Jewelled to order and all work warranted for one year. The Highest Price in Cash paid for Old Gold and Silver.

Jas. Binkely & Wm. Tewksbury

DEALERS in Pure DRUGS, MEDICINES, Chemicals, Perfumery, Fancy Articles, Brushes, Window Glass, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Dyestuffs, Letter Paper, School Books, Brown Paper Window Shades and all kinds genuine and popular and Patent Medicines; also a complete assortment of GROCERIES, Teas, Sugars, Spices, Coffee &c &c.

F.W. Morse

DRAPER, TAILOR and General Outfitter, dealer in READY MADE CLOTHING, Hats, Caps, Gloves, Shirts, Braces, Collars, Neck Ties, Neck and Pocket Hankerchiefs [sic], Lambs wool and Meriono Drawers, Self-Adjusters, Umbrellas, Canes, Half Hose &c &c

James Grange

WHOLESALE and RETAIL DEALER in Drugs, Medicines, Dyestuffs &c. Books, Stationery, Writing Materials, &c &c. Prescriptions Accurately Prepared.

A. Cline

DEALER in Pure Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Perfumery, Fancy Articles, Brushes, Window Glass, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Dye-stuffs, Letter Paper, School Books, Patent Medicines, also a complete assortment of Groceries, Teas, Sugars, Spices, Coffee &c &c

G. Sexsmith

DRAPER, TAILOR and general Outfitter, dealer in Ready-made CLOTHING, Gloves, Shirts, Braces, Collars and Neck Ties, Neck and Pocket Hankerchiefs [sic], Lambs wool and Merino Drawers, Self Adjusters, half Hose &c

Hugh Scott

WHOLESALE GROCER and WINE and SPIRIT MERCHANT, Princess Street, Kingston, C.W.

Lennox Hotel

BY M. SHOREY, Dundas St., Napanee, C.W. Good Stables and Sheds, and trusty Hostlers always in attendance.

J.B. Huffman

BARBER and HAIR DRESSER, Dundas St., Napanee, C.W., a few doors West of Harris' Hotel.

Stage House

NAPANEE, Canada West, by S.R. SHAW. Stages East and West Daily.

C.S. German

DAGUERREAN ARTIST, WITH Daguerrean Saloon near Shaw's Hotel, Napanee.

Eli Clark

COMMERCIAL EXCHANGE, Wholesale and Retail dealer in Dry goods, Ready-made Clothing, Groceries, Hardware and Crockery. The Highest Price for all kinds of produce.

Mr. B.C. Davy

PROVINCIAL MUTUAL and general Insurance Company. (Head Office, Toronto.) B.C. Davy agent for Napanee, Bath, Newburgh, Clark's Mills, and surrounding Country.

M.C. Whitcomb

CARRIAGES and HORSES to let, Bridge Street, Napanee, C.W.

Dr. Joseph Clare

OFFICE at A. Cline's Drug Store, Napanee. Prescriptions Carefully Prepared.

Harris' Hotel

DUNDAS St., Napanee, A.M. HARRIS, Proprietor. Horses and Carriages furnished for all routes.

John Hooper

BOOT and SHOE MAKER, Dundas St., Napanee

H. Meyers

AGENT for the North American Mutual Insurance Company.

Robert Easton

AGENT for the Equitable Fire Insurance Company of London.

Classified Advertisements

NAPANEE SALOON. By JOHN CHATTERSON. Dundas St., Napanee, opposite James Grange's Drug Store. Fresh Oysters, Lobsters, Sardines, and every luxury of the season constantly at hand. HOT COFFEE and REFRESHMENTS at all hours.

SEBASTOPOL TAKEN! 15 or 20 SLEIGHS for sale at cost, and one year's credit for good, approved paper. H. Hamilton, Napanee, Feb. 27, 1855.

ATHENAEUM FIRE INSURANCE SOCIETY. Chief Office, 30 Sackville Street, London. Captital: Two-Millions Sterling. ... BANKERS ....SOLICITORS... Manager for Canada, Granville Moyle Esq. Losses promptly settled without reference to the Board in London. Head Office, King St., Kingston. B.C. DAVY, Agent for Napanee and Vicinity.

FRESH, IMPORTED ENGLISH, GERMAN AND AMERICAN GARDEN FIELD AND FLOWER SEEDS. ... A few of the leading Seeds are enumerated below:- Large Yellow Globe Mangold Wurtzell; Long Red Mangold Wortzell; Long Blood Beet; Yellow Sugar Beet; Large White Belgium Carrot; Long Orange Carrot; Long Scarlet Altingham Carrot; Large Red Onion; Large Yellow Dutch Onion; Long Dutch Parsnip; White Globe Turnip; Large Yellow Aberdeen Turnip; Large English Norfolk Turnip; Yellow Swedish Turnip; Large Drumhead Cabbage; Early York Cabbage; Large York Cabbage. Catalogues sent free of Postage on application. Country Merchants supplied on liberal terms. E.W. PALMER, Chemist and Druggist, Market Square, Kingston, C.W. Feb. 23, 1855

DENTAL NOTICE. Jas. M. Simpson, Surgeon Dentist, wishes to inform the inhabitants of Napanee that he is now stopping at SHAW's HOTEL where he is prepared to execute all orders in Dentistry. All operations upon the Teeth will be carefully and skillfully performed. Napanee, Feb. 26, 1855.

WANTED. AT ALLAN MACPERSON'S Lumber Yard, Corner of King and Union Streets, 100,000 feet Seasoned Sound Lumber from Half Inch to Three Inches thick. 5,000 feet of sound Basswood Lumber from Half inch to Two inches thick. 10,000 feet Oak, Ash and Maple Scantling. ALLAN MACPERSON. Kingston, 23 Feb., 1855

CASH. MACPHERSON will pay 2s 3d for any quantity of good OATS, until after the Fair; also A FEW THOUSAND SHINGLES.

NOTICE. The Late Stockholders of the Napanee Standard are required to meet at Mr. B.C. Davy's Office on Friday evening next at 7 o'clock for the purpose of effecting a settlement of all Accounts in favor of the paper. Napanee, 29th January, 1855

KNOW All Men by these Presents that JAMES GRANGE is hereby authorized to Collect all outstanding Medical Accounts due, and payable to me and his Receipt for the same shall be a sufficient acknowledgement. JOSEPH CLARE. Napanee, Jan. 17th, 1855.

NOTICE!! The Subscriber having adopted the READY PAY system advises all those indebted to him to call and settle their accounts. JAMES GRANGE, Napanee, Jan. 30th, 1855

POST OFFICE MONEY ORDER SYSTEM. On the 1st February, 1855, a Post Office Money Order System founded upon that in operation in England, will commence in the Province at the undermentioned offices... Post Offices Authorized to Issue and Pay Money Orders: Kingston, Napanee, Belleville. Robert Spence, Post-Master General, Quebec, 16 January, 1855.

NOTICE. The Undersigned informs all those indebted to the Estate of the Late Hugh Falconer to call and settle their accounts before the First Day of May next. Donald Macpherson and Robert Easton, Executors. Napanee 8th Feb. 1855.

POSITIVELY THE LAST CALL. All persons due the subscriber since '53 are herby notified that payment must be made immediately or costs will follow. HERMAN MEYERS

ENGLISH CONDITION POWDERS. For Horses and Cattle. Warranted to give satisfaction. To be had at Grange's.


ACCOUNT BOOKS. Assorted to suit Customers, neatly bound, and at low prices. Sold at Grange's.

SCHOOL BOOKS. A complete assortment sold at reduced prices to Trustees and Teachers wishing to supply their schools. Writing Material, Cap, Letter and Fancy Note paper &c &c Sold Cheap at Grange's.

PERFUMERY. Varying with the fragrance of Spring. For sale at Grange's.

SOME of the best Hair Preservations now in use, to Cleanse the hair and prevent Baldness, is offered at Grange's.

BEACON LIFE AND FIRE INSURANCE. Capital one hundred and fifty thousand pounds. ... ROBERT EASTON, Agent for Napanee.

TIME IS ON THE WING!! So is the Subscriber - he having made arrangements to leave this City on the opening of navigation will dispose of his stock of CLOCKS, WATCHES, JEWELRY, PLATED WARE AND FANCY GOODS for Cash only... A.J. Glen, Princess Street, Kingston, 1854.

FOR SALE. That well-known farm, Lot No. 2 in the 5th Concession of Fredericksburgh Additional, containing upwards of 280 acres of Choice Land, and well Watered. Over One Hundred Acres of which is Cleared and well Fenced, a Good Orchard, Comfortable Dwelling, LARGE BARN, &c &c. The Farm is within Six Miles of the Village of Napanee, a Good Road from that Village to "Casey's Point" passes through the centre of the Farm and the Napanee River forms the Northern Boundary of the Lot. For further particulars, apply to Mr. Donald Macpherson, Napanee or to the subscriber, ALLAN MACPHERSON, Kingston, 15th Feb. 1855. Belleville Intelligencer and Picton Gazette to copy for one month.

STRAYED OR STOLEN! On or about the 16th of September last, from the premises of the under-signed, A BROWN HORSE with a white spot on his hind foot and a little foundered. Any person giving information of the same will be thankfully rewarded. MRS. DULMAGE, Napanee, Jan. 30th, 1855

NOTICE. All Persons desirous of obtaining Tavern Licence, in the village of Napanee, are requested to do so on or before SATURDAY, 24th Instant. JAMES F. BARTLES, Clerk. Napanee 13th Feb., 1855

NOTICE. The Annual Meeting of the County of Lennox Agricultural Society will be held at the COURT ROOM, NAPANEE, on Friday, the 23d of February Inst. at 2 o'clock A.M. at which a full attendance of the Members is requested. By order, Charles James, Secy. C. of L. & A. Napanee, Feb. 12, 1855

NOTICE. All persons indebted to the Subscriber over six months are requested to call and settle and thereby save costs. CASH PAID FOR OATS.
D. MACPHERSON, Feb. 1, 1855.

PICTURES, PICTURES! C.S. German, Artist. Better Daguerreotypes be obtained at Napanee than in any other place in Canada. ... Reflect that:

Time as it moves the world along
Removes our friends and turns our
Joy to mourning. Then how great
The solace that before too late
We did obtain the "SHADOW",
Daguerreotype, aid
To our memory, and the tear
Which now comes swelling
Says truly that the Daguerrean art
Has power t'assuage the galling grief
The life-long picture brings relief!
Napanee, Jany. 30th, 1855

SALE OF BUILDING LOTS. The subscriber will lay out in building lots in the Spring, his property in Fredericksburgh, adjoining the Cartwright estate, and bordered by the Macamadized and Chamberlain roads. There will be in the tract about 60 lots, well adapted for residences and fronting on Streets. Plans of the property will be ready for inspection about the 1st of May next, due notice of the sale will be given. Also a number of Houses and Lots, building lots, in Napanee. Terms of payment easy to actual occupants. Alex Campbell, Napanee, 1st Jany. 1855

CUTTERS AND SLEIGHS! ... Some of which are the best ever manufactured in these Counties... Carriages of all kinds kept in and Built to Order. N.B. These articles are from Good Material, and from the best American styles, and by Expert Tradesmen - So gentlemen, you need not pass Napanee to get a Good Conveyance. JOHN S. EDGAR, Napanee, Mill St., Jan. 29, 1855.

WANTED. 5000 Bushels Rye for which Subscriber will pay the highest price in Cash. He would also say to those indebted to him either by Note or by Loan that they must come and pay up. G.H. DAVY & Co. Napanee, 15th Feb. 1855

NOTICE. All Accounts Due to the Napanee Standard for 1853-54, either PRINTING or SUBSCRIPTIONS are to be paid to the subscriber [before] the books are transferred for collection. B.C. Davy, Napanee, 29th January, 1855.

NOTICE. Those of my Customers whose [Invoices] and Accounts are not Settled in February next will be politely called upon by the Baliff of the Division Court. ELI CLARK, Napanee, 22nd of Jany, 1855.

The Undersigned is carrying on a CUSTOM BUSINESS in the shop formerly occupied by R. Cooper... The Latest Fashions always kept on hand. JAMES BLAIR, Napanee, Jan. 30, 1855.

CONTESTED ELECTION. Latest News! It is decided by the public voice that the Victoria Clothing Store is the place for Bargains. GEORGE SEXSMITH is on hand with the Comfortables for Winter! READY MADE CLOTHING of all descriptions... BROADCLOTHS... A good stock of Trimings. Custom work executed as usual. Remember the Victoria Clothing Store, East of the Post Office. George Sexsmith, Napanee, Jan. 26th, 1855.

CONNER'S U. STATES TYPE FOUNDRY. Nos. 29, 31 & 33 Beekman St., New-York. To printers and publishers: The undersigned beg to inform the trade that they have this day issued their new Quarto Specimens... Fourth Volume of Yankee Notions... The BEST ARTISTIC TALENT in the country has been engaged in the Illustrations... from Sixty to Seventy-five engravings in the highest school of Comic Art. Its Literary Contents by a large Corps of Talented Contributors...YANKEE NOTIONS... subscriptions T.W. Strong, Publisher 98, Nassau St., N.Y.

LAW RESPECTING NEWSPAPERS: Subscribers who do not give express notice to the contrary, are considered as wishing to continue their subscriptions. If subscribers order the discontinuence of their paper, the publisher may continue to send them until all arrears are paid up. If subscribers neglect or refuse to take their paper from the office to which they are directed, they are held responsible till they have settled their bills and ordered their papers to be discontinued. If subscribers removed to other places without informing the publisher, and the paper is sent to the former direction, they are held responsible.

COME FORWARD AND SETTLE ACCOUNTS AND SAVE COSTS. The Subscriber having retired from the Mercantile Business invites those partes due him an interview.... In default of such an interview, he shall find himself under the disagreeable necessity of sending them a formal invitation through the Clerk of the Division Court, or when the sums are sufficiently large, through an attorney. N.B. No exemptions. ALEX CAMPBELL, Napanee, Jany. 20th, 1855.

NAPANEE STANDARD. ... Book, Job and Ornamental Printing. Done to Order. The New York Tribune [available].

NAPANEE STANDARD is published every Tuesday Morning by C.R. Burdett, for the Proprietor at his Office, East end of Dundas St., Napanee, directly over MacPherson's Store.

GLEASON'S PICTORIAL DRAWING-ROOM COMPANION. Subscriptions, F. Gleason, Tremont & Bloomfield streets, Boston

GODEY'S RELIABLE COLORED FASHION PLATES... L.A. Godey, No. 113 Chesnut [sic] street, Philadelphia


Lot No. 1, 6th conc. Camden East, 200 acres

N.E. part of lot no. 5, 1st conc. of Camden East, 70 acres

North half of lot No. 11, 10th conc. of Richmond, 100 acres

Lots 18 and 19, 11th conc. of Madoc, 200 acres

etc. ALEX CAMPBELL, Napanee, 1st January, 1855

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